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Bambi Francisco Roizen · May 12, 2009 · Short URL:

Micro-blog demonstrates insatiable appetite for circulated reality asynchronous posts - aka CRAP

Now this is a growth curve to be in awe of. After Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter in April and Ashton Kucther hit 1 million followers (he's already at 1.7 million today!), Twitter's traffic has gone through the roof.

The popular site's unique visitors surged to 17 million in April, according to just-released figures from comScore. Its visits jumped 83% from March, and 3000% from April 2008. 

This type of growth is unprecedented for a company this size, according to comScore. Its popularity is hard to ignore. Even companies like AdMob are being paid by its brand advertisers to find new followers to their Twitter account. CNet reporters even have "Twitter strategy sessions," according to Rafe Needleman, editor of Webware.

While the growth rate is nothing short of impressive, it's hard to appreciate what's really being collected. Let's face it, Twitter - and this has a lot more to say about human kind - has demonstrated that there is an insatiable appetite for circulated reality asynchronous posts - aka - CRAP.

Here's the graph provided by comScore.


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