Being a Part-Time Entrepreneur

Josh Chandler · April 15, 2009 · Short URL:

Update: Being a Part-Time Entrepreneur and College Student!

For me on a personal level it’s always been a tough call to say if I would rather be in education right now or doing my own thing as an entrepreneur, I have always had a natural tendency to be perhaps a little less enthused by the set routine of college, the variance of authority, which has probably helped me to acknowledge that I am personally perhaps not at all suited to the 9-5 routine (based on my organizational skills :D) . The main reason I have become dedicated to undertaking the journey of the entrepreneur at such a young age is because I am ready to take the jump into becoming my own boss, and setting my own agenda, I feel in part I have so much to prove to myself on this journey and that is why the earlier I undertake it, the better the result!

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