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Meliza Solan Surdi · April 3, 2009 · Short URL:

What am I Missy, Episode 15

It's not exactly the best time to be a venture capitalist these days. But this hasn't stopped Google from getting into the game. Google has launched Google Ventures with $100 million to be invested in early-stage startups. The almighty search giant is taking advantage of the downturn to hunt for "the next big thing." Let's just say Google's "Mini-Me" is about to be discovered. Google knows that strong startups emerge during tough times. It should know. Google blossomed during the dot-com bust. Good luck, Google. May the best "Mini-Me" win.

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The things you do to get users to love your site is a lot like what you do to win someone's affection. Hold their hand and communicate; acknowledge achievements; remember that it's not about you, it's about them. Take it slow and don't move too fast. These tips come from Alexa Andrzejewski, who sounds like the Love Guru, but she's not. If you don't have a site? Well you can always apply the same advice toward a relationship.

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Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airways, launched Pitch.TV,  a show with people pitching their idea in video. Sound a little familiar? My CEO Bambi Francisco is flattered about the idea and the name. Vator first started as a place for people to pitch their ideas in video. And, Vator's original name was Try saying that five times fast! Our investor Peter Thiel thought that name was just too long. Well, there's not much to Pitch TV, besides Branson's post. But with Branson's name and the fact that these pitches will be aired in front of a captive audience on Virgin Air, Pitch TV is sure to get some attention. He even plans to give away special prizes. So get your pitches ready and get them uploaded. But get them uploaded to Vator first!

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