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Richard Branson launches Pitch TV for video pitches so Vator is launching an airline

 In retaliation to Virgin Airways encroaching into our core market of online video pitches, Vator has decided to launch Air Vator, which will operate both domestic and international routes, that include hot meals, free liquor and amenity kits (eyeshades, toothbrushes, fuzzy socks, etc.) for everyone.

As part of Vator's Easter special, Vator will launch on April 1st a 50% discount on flights that originate in Heathrow.

Actually, I'm kidding. Take this as my pre-April Fools' joke. 

The purpose for this post is to highlight Richard Branson's latest endeavor - Pitch TV. Branson, the owner of Virgin Airways, announced on his blog that he's launching a show highlighting elevator pitches.

"If you’re a budding entrepreneur, we’re giving you the unique opportunity of getting your ideas heard not only by the online community here but also by top business professionals from around the world watching the in-flight entertainment on board Virgin Atlantic planes. All you have to do is film yourself delivering the very best pitch possible, but make sure it’s no longer than 2 minutes. Then simply upload your video pitch here."

At the moment, there's not much to Branson's Pitch TV, besides this post. But no doubt, with his star power, it will draw some interesting pitches. Additionally, I always thought, and still believe that an in-flight channel is a great way to distribute video pitches. Think about it, when you're in the plane, you're a captive audience. It's on the plane where I catch up on my reality TV shows, like "Top Chef." But I digress.

Anyway, most importantly, Branson hints at a possible investment from him. Here's what he says, "Each year, I will also personally select my favourite pitch, and the winner will receive a very special prize which I’ll reveal more details about later on…"

Pitch TV plans to have the community vote on pitches, and the best five pitches will make it on his new Pitch TV show. Viewers will also be able to contact the chose entrepreneurs.

MyElevatorPitch and Pitch TV

Hmm. This sounds very much like Vator way back when it was a side project.

So, I can't help but feel flattered about the idea and the name!

If anyone knows Vator's history, we actually started as In fact, we still own that URL, including  We decided to chop it down to Vator - as in elevator - when Peter Thiel (our original investor) said, "Hmm. Is it possible to find a name with two syllables?" We did think of - but someone owned the URL and would only sell it to us for $5900.

Since Vator launched as the place to pitch in video, we've certainly evolved, giving entrepreneurs opportunity not only to pitch their endeavor - but to share their voice through text, documents and short messages.

It'll be interesting to see how Branson's Pitch TV evolves. 

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