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Angel Light Pictures will be in the - May/June issue of Script Magazine

Angel Light Pictures, "VISION QUEST,' EXPERIENCE A NEW LIGHT IN FILM," that gives inspired film makers the chance to make there dreams into reality. Entertainment has a new light, "Angel Light."

Angel Light Pictures will be in the - May/June issue of Script Magazine. Look for the article entitled,  "Thinking Smart": "How Screenwriters can network and meet with big people in the entertainment industry, and how to gain their friendship," by owner of Angel Light Pictures, Antonio Saillant.

Angel Light Pictures, LLC is planning major expansion and is aiming to obtain fresh funds from private European corporate investors in order to finance further growth. The aim is to develop Angel Light from a film production company into a leading multi- media entertainment company targeting the English-language Hispanic market. In partnership with top directors and talent, Angel Light Pictures will produce in partnership with other production companies twelve to fifteen films over the next three years, establishing Angel Light Pictures as the hub for diversity film in Hollywood.

In addition, Angel Light Pictures will be conducting a lecture hosted by Antonio Saillant on May 9th and May 10th called, "Professional Strategies," "Helping You Succeed in the Entertainment Business in Today's Market"

Mission: To provide the best strategic planning, coaching and advisory services for individuals involved in today's entertainment business.

His proven ‘Strategies for Success', will help you: Objectify and clarify what's happening, and what isn't

Acceptance is on a first come first-serve basis. Fee applies.  There will be a VERY limited number of seats. Please reply to to reserve space.

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