Next Generation IP Content Delivery to the TV

Rich Reader · March 30, 2009 · Short URL:

The Honeymoon of the Television and the Internet - as seen from Cinequest

In a panel discussion entitled "The Marriage of Television and the Internet" at the Cinequest Independent Film Festival on February 28, 2009,  Tom Morgan (Chief Strategy Officer, Move Networks) outlined the issues for independent content distributors approaching the challenges of bringing video to the television set from the internet.

Mr. Morgan demonstrated a project that Move Networks has developed with Cinequest to distribute independent film at 720P on television displays using broadband carriage.  He launched a top-level application called "Let's Talk Films" to the big screen in the San Jose Repertory Theatre.  Using a remote control for this application, it's simple to select and screen any film that has been encoded for live transmission over Move Networks IP channels to your preferred display.  There's no DRM issue because the download is played rather than permanently stored. You have the ability to change channels just like on television, but it has now evolved onto the open internet.

He talks about how everyone can get paid for their work on this platform.  Tom tells us how we can have an internet access environment with a workable economic model based on ads, subscriptions, PPV, or downloads.

Since our meeting at Cinequest, Mr. Morgan has left the Move Networks, and founded, a consultancy dedicated to the development of Over-the-Top Internet Television.

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