SF, tree friendly paper company gets funded

Chris Caceres · March 26, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/79f

New Leaf Paper, a company that makes paper out of post consumer waste, raises $5 million

 There’s plenty of choices you can take to make your startup company, ‘greener’.  From switching over to energy saving computers, to simply recycling your finished cans and bottles, every little detail can make a difference.  One aspect of your business that might get overlooked is paper.

Although, you may be recycling paper, why not double check to see how that paper is made in the first place?  

One company out of San Francisco, Ca., New Leaf Paper, has just secured $5 million in VC funding from Pacific Community Ventures.  

New Leaf Paper, which was founded in 1998, manufactures and distributes office and printing papers made from post-consumer recycled fiber sources.  It considers its paper the most, “responsible” choice in this industry.  

Plenty of companies today are rethinking their paper consumption practices.  Some of New Leaf Paper’s more well-known clients include Nike and HP.  If you’re San Francisco based, New Leaf Paper also supplies PG&E, Frog Design and our favorite music venue – The Fillmore.

Since its inception 11 years ago, New Leaf Paper has never taken in any VC funding.  Last year, the company generated $30 million in paper sales.  Rahul Raj, VP of Marketing at New Leaf Paper, explained the company will use the funding to establish itself as a consumer brand.  We can expect to see its products for sale at Target and Whole Foods in the near future.

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