Video Services Evolution - Part 2 of 5

Rich Reader · March 23, 2009 · Short URL:

Appraising Standard TV

Reed Hastings - (Chairman and CEO, Netflix) presented "Internet on TV or TV on the Internet?", the first of the afternoon keynotes at NewTeeVee Live 2008. I transliterate without quotation marks, though have attempted to transcribe with a minimum of interpretation (which I may do onscreen). In this second part of his presentation, Mr. Hastings tells where standard television stands presently in the battle for dominance (not co-existence) in the video services industry. He says that:
  • Standard television has improved with good quality and HD.
  • Prices have risen to around $55 per month on average.
  • The program guide grid has approached a standard.
  • Now we have DVR and VOD. In most cable and satellite systems, those were bolted on.


However, the race is really about how to create an integrated and personalized experience. How will cable do that before the web catches up? On one side the traditional model has the advantage of $55 per month coming from everyone, with set top boxes that update the software installed in a huge base of 60 million homes.

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