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Chris Caceres · March 19, 2009 · Short URL: lists venture backed jobs

 Laid off from your corporate job?  Looking to get into something different?  Work for a startup.  

Google, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, MySpace and even Apple all started small.   Why not use those years of experience and skills to build the next big thing.

StartUpHire, a new job board and job posting site focused on listing startup jobs, launched yesterday.  It's also just implemented an improved search engine allowing users to filter listings by industry, geography, functional area and investor.  The site currently lists more than 10,000 jobs from more than 2,000 venture-backed companies.

StartUpHire was created by the venture capital community, for venture backed companies.  The site was made possible by DLA Piper, Comerica Bank, Cooley Godward Kronish, Global Logic, Sonnenschein, SIIA, Morrison & Foerster, Calysto, and New Venture Communications.  

 The interface of the site is quite simple.  You can conduct searches based on keywords, job titles, descriptions, industries, and plenty more.  Once you find the specific job posting you are looking for, companies are characterized by icons, as seen in image to the left.   

Users do not store their resumes on the site.  Instead, when a user finds the job they'd like to apply to, the "apply now" button, links directly to the site of the employer, putting the user in direct contact with the company that is hiring.  

As of now, the site is a free service for all users including the employers, although employer participation is restricted to venture capital backed companies which are privately held. 

StartUpHire plans on making money through incremental value-added services.  The company also offers advertising, sponsorships, and partnering for interested parties.

StartUpHire, is self funded and based out of Vienna, Virginia.

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StartUpHire is a free job search engine dedicated to recruiting exceptional talent to jobs at venture capital backed companies.  These are some of the most rewarding careers on the planet, but they historically have been difficult to identify.   The StartUpHire website,, lists thousands of jobs that can be filtered by industry, geography, functional area, investor, and more.  Search agents allow users to define a job search and receive emails listing new opportunities matching their criteria. 


StartUpHire provides employers with a tool to accelerate team building and makes it easy for those who relish a start-up career to quickly identify opportunities.  There is no cost to use the website or to post jobs.  Employer participation is restricted to venture capital backed companies which are privately held. Companies and investors can also take advantage of a free widget that allows them to easily add an automatically updated careers section to their own website.  For investors, this widget displays all job opportunities across the portfolio.  For employers, the widget displays open positions without the need to edit HTML.