Wireless Innovations 2009 - Alan Brenner

Chris Caceres · March 18, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/779

Live updates from Dow Jones Wireless Innovations Conference 2009, Keynote Alan Brenner of Blackberry

 2:20 pm - An audience member asked the question, "How do you feel about the recent announcement of iPhone updates, including copy and paste, and push."  Brenner responded by saying, "We like push, I don't know, did that answer your question."

2:15 pm - Brenner believes that what consumers care about is not particularly which apps are available to them, but more what the overall device can do to solve everyday problems. 

2:10 pm - About the future of memory capacity of the Blackberry: Blackberry is tracking memory trends, wants to stay at the edge of the arena.  One feature that will be implemented will be the ability to store your apps in the cloud.  Users will be able to redownload their apps if they want to save memory on their phones. 

2:04 pm - Austin asks about the Blackberry's shift to the consumer market.  Brenner explains the enterprise   market of the Blackberry is out of date.  It's really both now.

2:03 pm - Brenner responds saying it will be just as good and have just as many apps.

2:02 pm - Scott Austin, editor of VentureWire asks Alan, How will Blackberry's store compare to Apple's iPhone store?

1:55 pm - Alan Brenner introduced, he is the SVP of BlackBerry Platforms, Research in Motion

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