Startups, Verizon is "Open" to your products

Chris Caceres · March 18, 2009 · Short URL:

In case you didn't know, Verizon wants You to add Your new devices to its wireless network

 Verizon is looking to add pretty much, any device on its network says Anthony Lewis, VP of Open Development at Verizon.  

Open Development is Verizon’s initiative which launched last year to allow, “customers to use any device and any application on the Verizon Wireless national network,” according to Open Development website.

Lewis spoke at the Dow Jones 2009 Wireless Innovations Conference, in Silicon Valley.  He is urging startup companies to innovate, and partner with Verizon to get each and any device working on its network.  

The approval process is quite simple, according to Lewis.  He explained, it’s a 4 week process and is conducted through 3rd party labs.  Why 3rd party labs instead of Verizon?  Lewis reinstated Verizon’s “openness,” in that he wants to make sure potential partners can fully understand that nothing will ever impede their process.   

This opens the doors to several different real life applications.  Currently, Verizon is seeing many requests for healthcare devices, smart meters, and even security bracelets.  Verizon lets these products make use of their network.  

In the end, it comes down to money.  Can startups afford a 4G partnership with Verizon, for example some sort of video streaming company which makes use of high speed connections.  Although Lewis did not disclose any pricing, he did say 4G is significantly more expensive to use in comparison to a company which simply needs to communicate with water tanks.

Lewis explained that he would like to see more potential customers in the healthcare field.  

Verizon’s biggest challenge right now.  Convincing the marketplace that it truly is, “open.”

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