Online video usage down last month

Chris Caceres · March 12, 2009 · Short URL:

Nielsen Online reports overall video usage dropped in the month of February

 Online video usage in the U.S. dropped in February.  I guess last month was just a little bit more boring than, January.  Without the Presidential Inauguration or the crash of US Airways Flight 1549, (Hudson Plane Crash), what was there left to watch on the Internet?  The Chris Brown and Rihanna episode?  Anyways.

Nielsen Online reported that in February of 2009, there were a total of 8.8 million video streams from the top online video providers.  YouTube, contributed 5.1 million of those followed by Hulu, which ranked in at number two, with only 300,000.  The rest of the top online brands, including Yahoo!, Fox and MTV never even hit the 300K mark.  

In total, online video usage was down about 1.6 million total streams in comparison to January, when video streams hit almost 10.5 million, probably due to the much more interesting events that occured that month.

See Tables below, courtesy of Nielsen Online.


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