Playdom launches games on Facebook platform

Chris Caceres · March 11, 2009 · Short URL:

Can the developer of the #1 MySpace game be successful on the Facebook platform?

 Playdom, a social gaming company, today announced they are expanding its games from MySpace to Facebook.  Currently, the Mountain View, Ca., based company, is the most highly ranked game developer on MySpace.  

Playdom’s claim to fame is the game Mobsters, which is actually the #1 most played game on MySpace.  To add to that, Playdom has created three of the top four games, and eight of the top 25 applications on MySpace.  

In hopes to continue its growth in online social gaming, Playdom will be adding its games to Facebook’s 175 million users.  Among the games they will bring to Facebook are Mobsters, Poker Palace and Sorority Life.  

It won’t be an easy social network to jump into, as Playdom steps up against social gaming giant Zynga, which has 7 million daily registered users across the web playing popular games like Live Poker and Scramble.  

Currently, Playdom attracts 5.2 million daily active users of which on an average play 11 minutes a session.  5% of the people who play Playdom’s games spend money on virtual goods.

Along with Playdom’s announcement that it will be adding its games to Facebook, Playdom revealed they will be launching its first iPhone application this month, another Mobsters title.  According to an interview with Pocketgamer, Playdom chairman and co-founder Rick Thompson explained, "In the future, when we launch a new game, it will be on the iPhone as well."  

Just last year Zynga launched Live Poker, a free social gaming application for the iPhone which allows users to connect with 1.4 million daily players across the web.  

I’ll be sure to give Playdom's new Facebook and iPhone games a try and see how the company holds up against its competitors.

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