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Chris Caceres · March 2, 2009 · Short URL:

Triond raises $1.5 million from Giza Venture Capital, for its content distribution services

 In the world of blogging and media on the Internet, we all know that content is king.  But without readers and a large audience, you’ll never monetize off of your work.  

Triond, which raised $1.5 million in funding today, is offering a solution for writers and bloggers who are looking to monetize off their hard work.  The process plays out like this, submit your content to Triond, and they will do the rest, (distribute and find ways to monetize off of your work), and share 50 percent of the advertising revenue with the content creator.  

Based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, Triond has received its funding from Giza Venture Capital, which has invested in several media companies including Viral Gurus, Doubletrump and Cellectivity.  

Triond distributes content based on a number of different topics ranging from Sports, Business, Humor, Literature, Health & Wellness and Science.  Writers should expect their content to be published on sites including Computersight, Gameolosophy, Gomestic and Sportales.  The full list can be found here.

Once the content is distributed, users can track their content and see how much money it's generating, using Triond's analytics tools.  Triond then pays users on the 15th of every month by PayPal or Western Union money transfer.  

The company is also keeping up with Web 2.0 trends including a social network where writers and bloggers can create profiles and connect with one another.  Their pages include a portfolio which is updated everytime the user uploads a piece of content.  

The overall concept sounds like a dream come true for writers and bloggers, enabling them to do what they do best – which is create content and make easy money.  But with the grim economy and advertising revenue declining, it’s hard to forsee anybody actually making a living off of Triond’s services.  

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