What am I Missy? Episode 9

Meliza Solan Surdi · February 20, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/6f2

Beer companies need to stick to what they do best; Who owns your i-soul?;Universal charger for 2012

Anheuser-Busch this week shut down its promising content site Bud.tv. The problem was plain and simple to see. Beer companies will never be media companies. It's a big disappointment for the 2-yr-old site. Bud had high hopes for it, targeting two million monthly visitors. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach that goal. It was not even close. But the big surprise was that Bud spent $15 million trying to make it a destination site for beer lovers, who like to laugh, watch sports and original content.The lesson learned here is that beer companies should stick to what they know. They are pretty good at getting people drunk.

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Facebook does not own your digital soul, but its 175 million users do.Faced with mounting criticism, Facebook backpedaled on its Terms of Use, making clear that users own the data, not the all-mighty social network.You may recall that CEO and founder Mark Zuckerburg changed a small portion of Facebook's terms of use guidelines on February 4. After that change, complaints were flying and Facebook users created several groups to team up and complain.There was even a federal protest. In a recent Facebook blog post, Zuckerberg was more clear about who owns your data. He merely was suggesting that in conversation threads, it's hard to delete your portion of the conversation. That said,  who said there's privacy on the Internet?

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Sounds too good to be true! In three years, most mobile phones will have the same charger. Seventeen carriers agreed to standardize on a new charge. This means that there will no longer be anymore piles of old useless chargers or spending for new ones each time I buy a new phone. The carriers will definitely be saving money.This will also have a huge effect on the environment because the earth will be greener.Cell phone chargers generate more than 51-thousand tons of waste a year, according to the GSM.Put that into perspective - that waste equals 625 San Francisco cable cars! Or 300 Statue of Liberties! Now when can we get universal chargers for laptops and Apple products?

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