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Chris Caceres · February 17, 2009 · Short URL:

Filtrbox releases new market intelligence tool, G2, and raises $1.4 million

 If you are looking for an alternative to Google Alerts for tracking information on the Web relevant to your life, try Filtrbox which has just given its services a major boost.  Here's why.

Filtrbox, a market intelligence tool, which claims to find “the needle in the haystack”, for business professionals, has just released its spiffy new G2 service.   Along with its product release announcement, the Colorado based company has just announced it raised $1.4 million in funding led by Flywheel Ventures and True Ventures.

Filtrbox offers a technology similar to that of Google Alerts.  The tool allows for users to track the things they care about online.  The difference is Filtrbox maintains a history of articles it's already sent to you, eliminating the chance of duplicates.  If a user already uses Google alerts, but is interested in Filtrbox, they can import their existing alert keywords into Filtrbox.  

Filtrbox’s G2, brings this technology to business professionals.  The service is geared towards market intelligence executives, sales professionals, investors and marketers.  Some of the additional features to G2 include advanced reporting with visual graphs, advanced delivery options like RSS feeds, and the ability to share results.

There are two main service packages offered by Filtrbox.  The basic is a free trial geared to less intensive users allowing for 5 Filtrs, one daily update and 15 days of history.  On the other hand, a G2 user, most likely to be a business professional, pays $10/month and gets unlimited Filtrs, continuous updates, 6 months of history, and Filtrbox’s trending and reporting services.

Started in 2007, Filtrbox is headed by Founder and President, Ari Newman.  Filtrbox says it is attempting to tap into the power of the Internet by, “delivering the timely market intelligence that is critical to success in today’s hyper competitive business world.”

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Discover what your customers are saying about you on Twitter, social networks, blogs and news sites. Filtrbox monitors conversations on millions of sites in realtime and alerts you to things that are directly relevant to your business. Participate in the conversation, build closer relationships with your customers,  and watch your brand and business grow. 


Filtrbox delivers daily emails with new articles, and provides a rich web application to monitor, analyze, and collaborate on Filtrs (searches). Unlike google alerts, Filtrbox removes duplicates, maintains history of what you have seen, and allows feedback to fine-tune your results. Articles are scored based on relevance for noise control also.  

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