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Bambi Francisco Roizen · February 10, 2009 · Short URL:

Here's how you share your narrative - in video

Quite a few companies have been sharing their narrative on Many of our beta customers are sharing their story through micro blogs. But one company - Iotum - is doing so in video. To that end, I wanted to highlight Iotum for a great job in conveying its story in such a visual medium.

Embedded is Iotum's latest video on its Vator profile.



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Iotum Inc.


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Ever suffered through an unproductive conference call? We feel your pain. Iotum is reinventing business conversations, one conference call at a time.


Calliflower is a presence-driven conferencing service that combines text chat, document sharing and audio conferencing with rich, visual features to deliver an engaging and easy to use experience, mobile or web. Users organize calls, invite participants, and then talk on the iotum bridge. Calliflower schedules conferences based on people’s availability. When it’s time for the call, Calliflower sends reminders to everyone to dial into the bridge.