Twitter's take on the Super Bowl

Bambi Francisco Roizen · February 1, 2009 · Short URL:

No need to watch it alone when there's Twitter

Who needs a Super Bowl party or a bar to watch the Super Bowl? All you have to do is log onto Twitter. This Sunday, as I watched one of the greatest Super Bowls ever (that I've watched) from a hotel room in NYC, I could feel the emotion. It wasn't because I was at the hotel bar. It was because of the ambient noise on Twitter.

Posts were being updated in the hundreds every second. There's nothing like not feeling alone, particularly when you're watching one of the greatest traditions in American history. 


There were no mentions of Super Bowl ads in this screen shot I captured. But there were lively discussions about which ones were among the favorites.

As for my favorite Super Bowl ad? It was Hulu's with Alec Baldwin. You can check out all the Super Bowl ads here on YouTube.


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