Light up your iPhone flame on Super Bowl!

Chris Caceres · January 30, 2009 · Short URL:

Smule adds Super Bowl feature to its Sonic Lighter iPhone application

If you have Sonic Lighter for your iPhone, well, update it today.

 In case you don't know what Sonic Lighter is already, the actual application is pretty basic.  You ignite a virtual lighter and play with the flame.  You can stick your finger through it, pass the flame onto other Sonic Lighter users, or even blow the flame out, although you kind of have to aim at the microphone and not the actual flame itself.  Those are the offline features.

Smule, the makers of Sonic Lighter have integrated some Super Bowl fun.   With its latest update, they've allowed users to support their desired Super Bowl winner by letting you pick a Red flame for the Arizona Cardinals, or a Gold flame for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At first I was thinking, big deal - why would I want to light up a virtual flame on my iPhone? 

For those of us who already own Smule's unique apps like the Ocarina, we should all remember to click that little globe icon on the bottom of the screen.  In Ocarina's case, you click the globe and are taken to another screen filled with sound waves and neon lights flying from earth into space.  If you zoom in on any of these lights, you can hear the melodies being played.   These are other users across the globe playing their Ocarina app live.  

When users get online with Sonic Lighter, they find it's not so simple after all.  By clicking the globe icon below the torch on Sonic Lighter, you get a similar feature to Ocarina's.  Except this time you see gold and red neon lights across the globe representing who's rooting for which team. 

Most of the lights are coming from the US and Europe, and it seems like Pittsburgh has taken the lead in globally lit torches.  Be sure to boot up this app on Super Bowl Sunday to check out the neat little lights.




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