What's Kosmix doing with its recent funding?

Chris Caceres · January 15, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/64b

Kosmix brings aboard Peter Foster as Senior Vice President, Monetization


Browsing through the list of Company Updates in my Vator Dashboard, I saw Jodi Olson of Kosmix post an announcement that the Web guide startup recently brought aboard Peter Foster as Senior Vice President of Monetization. It seems Kosmix is starting to make use of its recent $20 million in funding they received in December of last year from Time Warner. 

Foster comes from Fox Interactive Media where he was Senior Vice President of Sales for Photobucket.  There, he grew Photobucket's revenue 300 percent, which has advertisements right next to its Upload Photos tool.  Over at Kosmix, he'll be expected to accelerate Kosmix's offerings for advertisers and head day-to-day operations of Kosmix's sales team.

 A little bit about Kosmix: Recently editing a video interview with Venky Harinarayan, Co Founder of Kosmix, I spent quite a bit of time capturing examples of search results from their site. Always pleasantly surprised by how organized the results appeared on screen, and how different they appeared compared to Google, I gave them the honor of a bookmark in my browser. 

In short, when searching for something using Kosmix, instead of a list of results, you get an organized page of relevant widgets from all sorts of sources like Wikipedia, Google Search Results, Flickr, Ebay and on and on depending on what it is you searched for.  

In the end it's every startup businesses goal to monetize and earn revenue.  Currently Kosmix, is clean, well organized and for the most part ad-free.  Let's hope the overall aesthetic and effectiveness of the site isn't affected by selling adspace to advertisers.

Make sure to check out Kosmix's Vator profile so you can follow them and learn of their announcements.

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@WalmartLabs (Kosmix)


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Kosmix was acquired by Walmart in May of 2011 to create @WalmartLabs.

Through the innovative fusion of retail, social and mobile, @WalmartLabs is redefining Commerce for the largest retailer worldwide. We are a group comprised of the brightest technologists and businesspeople in the industry, excited about the limitless opportunities that this next generation of Commerce will bring to billions of people around the globe, all in an effort to help them save money and live better.

Kosmix was funded by Time Warner Investments, Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Dag Ventures, private investor Ed Zander and Jeff Bezos' personal investment company, Bezos Expeditions.


WalmartLabs is hiring.



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