Superfish search by sight reeling in cash

Chris Caceres · January 5, 2009 · Short URL:

Superfish visual search engine raises $5.3 million in Series B funding

Superfish, a visual search engine startup, raised $5.3 million in Series B funding today, according to a PEHub report.   

Having nothing to show yet but a simple message and a logo, Superfish explains on their website, “After a couple of years of research, we finally fired-up our visual-search engines; however, we are not ready yet.  We expect to launch in early 2009.” 

Amongst its visual search competitors are companies like Searchme, who unlike traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo, display large thumbnail-like previews of the pages listed as search results.  KartOO, a visual search engine based out of Europe, displays maps of search results connected by categories with thumbnails of the resulting web pages.  

Superfish is based out of Silicon Valley and Israel, and is backed by DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures, The Individuals’ Venture Fund, and Xenia Venture Capital.  

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