Interview with Julien Genestoux

Josh Chandler · December 8, 2008 · Short URL:

Julien stopped by for a chat about his new service, and also about his other work!

A truly interesting discussion on Julien’s past background in business, and his growing success he is having with his job search site and his new project Notifixous, the main conversation was focussed around Notifixous and the concept of how it allows people to harness information in true realtime from different websites and RSS feeds, in envoironments such as IM, Email and Celluar phones (Text Messaging), more recently I wrote a review on service called which follows the same basic principles as Notifixous does, and although I feel slightly more compelled to use Notifixous more then which was in my opinion “possibly the most Web 1.0 idea I have seen in while” the thought of realtime consumption of information has truly stuck with me.

What do you think, is Realtime the way forward, does the conversation truly stagnate for the users unless it is kept in a real time fluid conversation. Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

NB- An apology to Julien for firstly butchering the prouncation of his surname, then following it within a matter of 15-20 with not being able to say his service’s name! Not professional enough for my liking at all, and I have been known to make this mistake in the past! Is there any hope in sight???


Julien also left three top tips for new starting entrepenuers in Skype discussion later on this evening here they are:


1) Patience: don't expect things to happen tomorow, but they will, so wait and take this "extra" time to be ready for "the next thing"

2)Consider your users as single individual of all the same value, not as a "group" with the same characteristics

3) Love what you do or don't do it!

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