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Josh Chandler · November 18, 2008 · Short URL:

Real-time Information overload is finally here! Those info junkies will be happy!

picture of logo is quite possibly the most Web 1.0 idea I have seen in while, despite the fact this widget is quite interactive and the service gives you "real-time" notifications of information you care about."

The company hasn't really given this idea any purpose in the market it is aiming for.

I believe has got a competitor it will never beat, and that is FriendFeed.

Yes, that is correct your FriendFeed does have realtime updates. And, yes, FriendFeed can do exactly the same as this service can, except this service is more "unique". Download even started their article with the following words:

"If you're not a power-user of RSS feeds, or if you are, but RSS just isn't fast enough for you, might be just what you're looking for."

Now, my point on this matter is that if RSS feeds aren't fast and convenient enough for you, then you are simply not consuming the information properly. I mean surely if I get an IM telling me about "X" company doing "X" thing I will want to read more about it in depth. However, for those information junkies who want to be a second ahead of everyone even if they don't understand the context then this is the service for you.

The service quotes people who have been interested in jobs from search such as Craiglist and Crunchboard, but honestly I think if you are a second quicker than everyone else to apply for the job you are still in the same pile of applications as the others who may be applying from portals such as

So, whether you choose to settle for the normal sensible consumption speed of RSS feeds, or you want to go all out for a information overload in about 5 secs you will find to provide many different functions. Some worth it, others not! 




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