What are you doing now? NOW!

Demian Entrekin · November 25, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/586

Not just what but, why?

 Everyone seems to want to know what you're doing right now. No. Wait. That's now. NOW. Well, the folks at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, those guys want to know. Or at least, they keep asking. And we keep answering. 

"I'm eating dinner at my house." Hmmm. Really? 

"I'm going for a jog with my dog Sally." Wow! That sounds cool 

"Just got off the plane from Des Moines." You must be....tired? 

And then there is the whole flock of new Twitter competitors. LIke Hictu and Plurk. I feel much better now that there is competition here. 

I must confess, I've chimed in (here) on some of these new networks. I'm curious. I try to remain open minded and muddle in new things. There's always something new to learn. 

But here's my little twist on this topic. I want to know what projects you are working on right now. What projects have your name on the "Team" page? 

And now (heresy!) I have one more question. 

Why are you on those projects? Are those projects important? Are you on the "team" simply because you didn't say "no thanks?" Does that project matter to you? If you don't know why you are on that project, can you get off of it? Is there something better you can work on? Can you define what "better" looks like? 

Okay, that was more than one more question. 

Here's the thing. You only have so much time to spend on things aside from the big three: sleep, food and sex. You can just tag along or you can raise your hand and ask "what's the point of this project?" Trust me: you can ask this question and not get fired. Just ask with a smile. 

So once again, I ask this question: "What projects are you working on and why?"

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