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Josh Chandler · November 17, 2008 · Short URL: is a URL shortening web tool with a difference! But how does it compare to others out there? is a URL shortening web tool with a difference. The usual assumption of many users is that a URL shortening tool simply does what is says on the tin.

And time and time again I have made use of the most popular of these tools called It has become the accepted norm to use this tool, and is particularly prevalent among many bloggers who either use in their Twitter accounts or blog posts.

It enables the user to be able to read content without the hassle of having a huge text hyperlink take up half the post and especially helpful for Tweets that have some text in with the link.

However, one thing I didn’t account for with this principle and what has impressed me the most about is the feature set that can go beyond just creating a shorter URL. The site neatly integrates with Twitter allowing users to not only create a URL but also automatically Tweet it without leaving the site. It also works exactly the same for ident.ica the open source version of Twitter.

But the best part is still yet to come.

Not only can you take this URL and place it directly in your Twitter feed, you can also use the analytics tools to see how many times your link has been clicked on from Twitter and (think of it like a mini Google Analytics tool for Twitter). Here is an example of the analytics tool, and here is the Tweet I made with

I see a bright future for this company. But in months to come, will we look at this as a true advancement of URL shortening tools?

According to the company has a long way to go until it will reach the number of people using

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