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Josh Chandler · November 7, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/507

Soleil Mobile Media aims to be a place for “women gather and share lifestyle content”

Soleil Mobile Media caught my attention over at Vator.tv for creating a service that would be “personalized lifestyle mobile applications incorporating an on-line social network designed to suit the interests and needs of women on a daily basis”, these tasks included “Food, Fashion/Beauty, Home/Decor, Health/Wellness, Travel, Parenthood, Event Planning and Household. ”

Now, this idea works so much better in my opinion because the service is designed around being flexible for women. the introduction of a mobile application adds a good incentive, although I was slightly concerned to see they said the business model was “very similar to facebook.com with a social network that links to mobile devices-”

To make these kind of claims early on shows a confidence, which I think in some respects is justified, but there are strong competitiors to this idea, as Natasha Soleil, Owner of Soleil Mobile identifies, predictions and analysis has already been carried out on the mobile market for women and I have to say it looks positive.

I am sure that Natasha and the team will appreciate entirely, women won’t be ready to take on a steep learning curve understandably, but I am confident this will fill a gap in the mobile market very well!

NB- As I wrote this article I recieved word from Natasha that the network won’t be available until January 2009, so until then be sure to keep updated with the company activity at the below links:



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