Jessica Mah a young Startup Genius!

Josh Chandler · November 4, 2008 · Short URL:

$500 to start one startup!!

Well, apparently as Mah puts it:

“The project is bootstrapped with a few hundred dollars to cover hosting. Part of my reasoning for starting internshipIN was to show my friends (and the world) that it doesn’t take more than a $200 to throw a website together. The manpower required to put together the site was absolutely minimal.”

It seems Jessica Mah, 18 has just become one of the smartest young teens in this current climate and created a startup for just $500! Now, tell me how many people you know who would be able to startup a company for $500 and actually have a fairly decent looking site and service at the end of it.

The company itself is a unique, very simplistic search tool for young people looking for both paid and unpaid internships: Search Page Search Page

This design is very clear and easy to use, the site is in essence almost a for interns (could be way of the mark there!). I think it’s just a moment of pure brilliance that we should all step back and admire, Jessica Mah is likely to be full of confidence moving on into the future and if she can provide great sites like this one then she is one for the future!


Check back at my channel for a full review in the next couple of days!

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