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Plan your Thanksgiving holiday dinner online

A party is always fun, even though making plans for one can be exhausting. Yet putting it all together doesn't need to be an arduous task if you have the tools to make it more efficient. Organizing one can even be a blast if the finished invitation exceeds your expectations. This is the case with, a site operated by Punchbowl Software, which recently closed a $2.1 million round of funding.

Once I completed creating my invitations for a party I'm planning, I was so proud of the way MyPunchBowl displayed all the details together, I couldn't wait to attend my own event!

MyPunchBowl is similar to Evite, Socializr and  Eventbrite. They all work fairly well, but MyPunchBowl offers elegant designs across a number of categories and a host - Penelope - to guide you. 

Often we overlook the details of what could really intrigue our guests when it comes down to sending an email blast, or invitation. Fortunately, with this service, you get a slew of options to create your own Hallmark Card in minutes.

OK. Here's a quick look at my experience. When I created my invitation for an event this month, I had to first choose what kind of party I was going to be hosting. Within my profile, I typed in my event title, "Happy Thanksgiving".

Since I planned on hosting the gathering at home, I sought ideas on how to decorate my house. However, I still needed some tips and advice. I was able to research some ideas without even leaving the site. MyPunchBowl's host Penelope offers a list of ideas for Thanksgiving parties at home.


  I then had to customize my event by choosing the theme and location.


 Then I went straight to picking a date and adding details to the event. I was given a wide variety of really cool designs. 


After choosing my design, I was able to add a simple message. I also had the option to upload a picture. My favorite tool of MyPunchBowl is the Design Studio. This is where you can personalize your invitation. I was able to take the design I had picked out and then change it with a huge selection of stationary, ribbon, fonts, symbols, and photos.

Since I wanted to be simple, I just chose a nice stationary that represented the Fall season and matched it with a pretty ribbon. I changed my font to a fun style and then previewed the final project.

After adding my guests to send out the invitation, I was able to view every small detail from what they would receive in their inbox to what they open in this cool invitation. Thanks to MyPunchBowl, I was able to promote an event in a very quick, simple, and detailed way.



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