Why "How To" videos are essential now...

Steve Rosenbaum · October 10, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/46b

Why we're expanding into include "How To" videos

As you probably know,  Magnify.net has been deep in the video discovery space for a while now -and we've found some trends that are pretty interesting.

As more and more people come to the web for content,  their needs change.  Now, as the economy is slowing - people are deciding to take home repair and other 'how to' jobs in to their own hands.  So,  Magnify.net today added a new set of search pipelines - expanding into the 'how to' content area.

We've added 5.min, Howcast, ExpertVillage and ViewDo to our meta search.  The result,  pretty much over night - is that we've got really cool new sites going up that can help people in hard times do things themselves. 

If you believe,  as we do,  that video is little frozen bits of knowledge,  then this is the perfect time to be using the power of the web to help people learn and share knowledge.

Our friend, Ran Harnevo, co-founder and CEO of 5min told us "We're big fans of the growing syndication economy that is emerging around video.  Clearly Magnify.net has done a great job of providing customers with the tools to find video and build video communities around that content. We think adding 5min to their search and integration solution is good for us and for video consumers alike."

Here at Magnify.net, we have been continually impressed by the quality and knowledge value that these sites like 5min have been able to gather. Working with Ran and his team at 5min, we're now able to provide contextual, useful, and informative video to site builders and publishing partners instantly and seamlessly. 

As web content sites shift from a publishing model to a "curation" platform business, Magnify.net is at the forefront of the curation revolution. Magnify.net is helping publishers capture and grow new audiences by inviting them to become content curators.

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