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The Editor · October 9, 2008 · Short URL: is a weblog strictly focused on startups

 (Editor's Note: This is an introductory post announcing GreatStartups channel - which will feature startup reviews - on VatorNews)

Getting a new idea off the ground can be very difficult. However, the determination is what keeps the entrepreneurial spirit going.  One of the things that any new company needs is exposure. The power of media outlets and sites like are priceless. is a web site strictly focused on startups. We review startups and write about the ones that we feel would be of interest to the public or simply to help give a company a boost of exposure. It is a Web log, so the site is free.

The startups posted (companies) on the site have received some initial press coverage/traffic to their Web site due to the efforts of our site. It helps these companies to share the story (URL) on Facebook, Twitter, corp website, etc.

We write about startups entering that market, have growth potential or have done very well. We also will cover startups that may be having problems or simply did not succeed due to various reasons.

Please note that some of the startups that we write about are not necessarily "great", however, they do posses a quality that may be appealing to various readers. Sometimes we may add a story simply because it helps a charity or maybe a mention can help a struggling company with exposure. That is what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about.

We also  write about various websites that have products or services that cater to startups.

Please feel free to visit us at and submit your startup for review. We may right about your venture next.


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