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Larry Kless · September 21, 2008 · Short URL:

New Nokia N95 Application Lets You Bring the Conversation Anywhere

The popular video conversation community now extends to the mobile network with the release of a new  client for the Nokia N95. Both the Seesmic blog and founder Loic Le Meur announced the public application release this past Friday. It had been in development for some time and almost a month ago on his blog Loic asked, Do You Have A Symbian Smartphone Nokia n95 Or The Like?, in an effort to recruit some testers. Now you can take Seesmic with you and as the Seesmic blog says,
"Seesmic users will be able to record and watch Seesmic videos directly from their cell phones. On top of that, this application stands as the first tool in which users can reply to their friend's videos and build a threaded conversation from their cell phone. Also, true to its social software nature, the Seesmic application allows users to post a Twitter message with a link to their new videos."

Here's the official video announcement and demo:


To install the client on your N95 just go to from your cell phone, and follow the easy download instructions. For more information go to the Frequently Asked Questions page. I spent some time today testing the client on the Nokia N95 that I have on load from Nokia/WOM World. I wasn't able to playback any videos due to some player configuration or network issues that I haven't yet resolved.


Here's the video thread from my test.

Nokia N95 test

Thank you to Steph and the Nokia/WOM World team for sending me the loaner Nokia N95 so that I could test this new application. Look for more updates from me this next week from Streaming Media West. I'm packing my bags and heading off to San Jose in the morning.


This post was originally published by Larry Kless on September 21, 2008 for Larry Kless's Weblog

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