Arrington interviews Chris DeWolfe at TC50

John Shinal · September 8, 2008 · Short URL:

MySpace CEO talks about upcoming revenue, music streaming

TechCrunch honcho Michael Arrington interviewed MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe on Monday and managed to wring some good details out of him about revenue, ad distribution and the social site's upcoming live music streaming service.

When it came to rumors that DeWolfe was dating Paris Hilton, however, he remained tight-lipped.

Highlights: MySpace is generating close to $100 million in ad revenue, thanks in large part to what it calls its "hero ad," the ad on its main page that is seen my more than 115 million users every day.

DeWofle also said MySpace gets 95% of its ad revenue from just nine countries out of the dozens it exists.

Last, a bit of fresh news: DeWolfe said MySpace will roll out an improved feature that will let users port their profiles elsewhere using GoogleGears.

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