Tapulous soars to 1.3 million installs

Bambi Francisco Roizen · August 18, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3a7

Hottest iPhone app to roll out advertising within days, and forecasts breakeven by yearend

Tapulous has become a bigger hit than even Bart Decrem, co-founder and CEO, probably thought.  The Palo Alto-based startup, which raised under $2 million in angel funding, started six months ago and launched on July 11th on the Apple Store, has soared beyond 1.3 million installs in less than a month. Now that's impressive. Bart, who stopped by the Vator studio for an in-depth interview with me, also said that due to the popularity of Tap Tap Revenge - which has 1 million installs alone - Tapulous is set to breakeven by the end of the year.

So popular are the apps that Tapulous plans on rolling out advertising on its games as early as this week. It is advertising that Bart expects to drive the company to cover its monthly expenses of about $100,000 for its eight-person team. 

These are just small tidbits of breaking news that Bart shared with me.

(Note: In our interview, Bart also talks about the next-generation games, new feature releases, and premium pricing and services that will be rolled out soon.  We will be releasing this interview to Vator members on Tuesday via email. And, the extensive 30-minute interview will be released later this week. To get a sneak preview of Bart's interview, you'll have to sign up to get Vator newsletters.) 


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Tapulous is a Palo Alto, CA based startup building a family of fun and social apps for the iPhone.  We are angel funded and have released two apps for the iPhone (as of early August, 2008): Tap Tap Revenge (a music game) and Twinkle (the app that lets you connect with people nearby and your friends on Twitter).


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