Stop overplanning and just do it

Bambi Francisco Roizen · August 15, 2008 · Short URL:

Where you end up will most likely be different from where you start

If there is one thing entrepreneurs learn, it's the concept of just doing, and not talking. I was told this once by an author who said, "The difference between an author and a writer is that an author writes." In like vein, the difference between an entrepreneur, and someone who is not, is that a true entrepreneur forges ahead. Simply put: "Just do it." That's the advice from Paul Kontonis, CEO and co-founder of For Your Imagination. A lot of people "keep planning," he said. "Just go out and start to do it... Get your hands dirty in what you're planning to do. You will learn so much more and you may find out what you originally thought you were going to do is a little bit different from where you'll end up."

I can't agree with him more.

Paul also advises that entrepreneurs not "cut corners" on their brand and image. "Appearances account for everything," he said. "Perception counts for a whole lot," he said. Finally, Paul suggests that CEOs get assistance and support, so he/she can do the selling for the company. Rather than hire a sales guy, the CEO should hire underlings. "You as the founder and the CEO - most times - will be the best possible sales guy."

Indeed, the founder and CEO should be the best sales guy. But no one can do it alone. Get support. 

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Bambi Francisco Roizen

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