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Mark Cuban · August 13, 2008 · Short URL:

I'm just saying... Allow for downloads

 In 9th grade, my social studies teacher taught me that the greatest marketing slogan ever were the words "rinse and repeat " that they put on shampoo bottles. There is absolutely no reason to wash your hair twice, but if anyone does, they are that much closer to buying another bottle.

A simple, and maybe as effective option for video ? Allow for downloads.

I was watching video on a news site and wanted to keep a copy of the video. This was original video to the station, so there were no copyright issues. So there was no reason for them not to allow a download.

The crazy part is that since they were using flash, it was progressive download. The video is there on the hard drive, its just a matter of making it easy for the end user to rewatch the video. Again and again and again.

Many of the major video sites have added this option, but its amazing that newspaper, TV and other sites that have recently added video, for the most part do not.

With online video, maybe adding the word "Save" to Share & Replay might not double viewing, but every additional local view not only can increase revenue, but it can eliminate paying for bandwidth for those users who go back to the original link and stream the video again.

I'm just saying...

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