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Josh Chandler · August 11, 2008 · Short URL: is the unethical money scheme for students!

  Source: Payperz.comPayperz, a new Web 2.0 network for college students, enables you to start "sharing your research and earning cash." This network will allow students to upload research while maintaining full ownership of their work. The quote from the press release is worth taking note of:

Until now, students wrote a paper or essay, turned it in for grading, it sat on their computer hard drive until that hard drive crashed. Students would say “Well, it stinks, but I got the grade, and I graduated”. Now students can archive their work, share it with other students, and earn some serious gas money!

I just am amazed that this kind of network exists. Its income potential for students is exponential considering the file is always archived and revenue sharing is always active, plus there are many students who will no doubt be pressured by deadlines and looking for a quick fix solution, they even say in their press release that it is "Modeled after some very successful self-publishing websites." Could they be talking about Lulu, the self publishing network for authors, musicians and other creative types?

If that is the case, how is this going to be replicated in a student based community, for one we know that many companies had active sites that would provide pieces of coursework for students already completed and ready to hand in. In the UK, exams watchdogs have become very vigilant about this type of cheating in the UK GCSE exams. But is this site not surely encouraging further plagiarism in return for money, something just doesn't sit right on that thought.

The term "research" perhaps hints at how this site could be designed just to share student's notes, but that is surely enough for a student to go on to write an A* piece of work with no effort or thought involved, whatever the case may be it is not a very ethical education site. However if something positive was to come out of the model, then it would be to ditch the payments and work on a more structured communication tool for students to actively share research, and there should then be a limit to how long data is retained.

This isn't much conversation currently going on about this, but let's start one at Friendfeed on it to start getting some word out about Payperz:

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