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Aylon Steinhart · August 1, 2008 · Short URL:

A new music service for dummies?

It goes without saying that people are constantly searching for get-rich-quick schemes. Though patience is said to be a virtue, delayed gratification is, more than ever, a remnant of the past. Quick results are in high demand in almost all aspects of life, from magic weight loss pills to five-day courses for fluent Chinese - "guaranteed." The world of music is no exception.

Take a look at the latest video game fads like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and what do you get? Fame, talent, and thousands of virtual fans all within minutes of popping in the game. Although this may be instantly rewarding, once the TV goes off, so do the fans. Play- an innovative, music-inspired company - hopes to turn people back to real instruments by fulfilling the need for immediate gratification while developing real musical skills on the piano.

The basic concept of Play is the introduction of a simple and accessible presentation of musical notation. Play’s notation segments different parts of the keyboard by assigning four different colors to designated key groups. Further, each key within the group is assigned with a number. The duration of the notes is indicated by the length of the note written.This notation is pretty similar to the number-based tablature notation for guitars.

 The idea of this notation is to make playing piano easier. By creating more intuitive and physically representative notation, Play is aiming to make the piano playing experience like many others today: instantly gratifying. Although this concept does go along with the desire for quick results, there is something to say about the neglect of more complex musicianship. For example, note length is impossible to actually define (only estimate) and time signature seems hard to interpret.    

However, because this notation is in fact more accessible to users unfamiliar with standard musical notation, it offers two essential benefits. The first is that the offer of instant gratification immensely increases the likelihood that the company will do what a company does: make money. The second thing is that the appeal to a broad range of potential users may actually lead to the inspiration for beginners to further explore their musical talents. So although the Play notation does lack musical complexity, it does not try to target those who demand it; alternatively, it provides a more accessible transition to the world of music.

As of now, Play is self-funded and is searching for investors to give the financial support needed to push their product into the limelight of musical learning. As a company that offers a service that almost all people appreciate, Play may very well be a new type of music for dummies.       

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PLAY Method, LLC offers an innovative piano learning and music notation system that enables people to play songs in minutes. This early sense of success excites customers and encourages them to continue on to our advanced levels which bring them to standard notation. The company has developed a line of products and services, each of which is expected to bring in a substantial revenue stream. PLAY Method, LLC. has filed for a broad utility patent.


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