Youniverse launches dating site - in a very visual way

Bambi Francisco Roizen · June 5, 2008 · Short URL:

 Pictures speak a thousand words. So, why bother with text? That's the premise behind Youniverse's dating site, which launched Thursday. According to Youniverse's dating test/survey, I'm "touchy feely" and that I can never get enough "adrenaline." This service doesn't apply to me because I'm married. Nonetheless, it was a very cool new way to create your own profile and be matched with others on Youniverse. 

The idea is to get people to create profiles about themselves based on the photos they select in their dating survey. Youniverse, which is backed by Atomico Investments and Northzone Ventures, says that millions of people say that images provide insight into many aspects of their personality that they can't articulate. I'd probably agree. 

I got a sneak preview, so I took the dating survey/test. So, here's how it works. Basically, Youniverse enables people to communicate through photos. That's the language of choices. They call it VisualDNA, which they say is "a powerful means of identifying and predicting the visual predilections and motivations of consumers." 

Plain and simple, you're taken through a series of questions, like this on: My ideal first date...

Once you select your ideal first date by just clicking on one of the photos, you're on another page that says: "I usually spend my weekdays doing something like this..."

After clicking on that page, you land on this page: "I find this the funniest... "


  After about 10 questions, you end up with your profile, which looks like this:

 Try the test. It's fun. Let me know what you think.


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