Moli wins AlwaysOn/Vator OnHollywood contest

Meliza Solan Surdi · May 30, 2008 · Short URL:

The votes are all in for Vator's second annual AlwaysOn/Vator OnHollywood competition. Nearly 50 contestants joined the three-month contest, seeking the hottest emerging entertainment and media startups. As always, the final week drew a lot of activity, as Moli and MaMoCa bubbled up to the top through the real-time showing of virtual hands. Both companies attracted well over 100 votes each.

In the end, however, the final arbiter was AlwaysOn. The judges there, including Ryan Brenner, chose Moli, a social network's network of sorts founded by former E-Trade executives, including former E-Trade CEO Christos Costakos. The company received 159 votes. MaMoCa gets the bronze, with 142 votes. Zivity takes home the silver, with 65 votes, followed by Channel M in fourth, at 24 votes. Mixmonsta, with 16 votes, ranked No. 5.

As is typical in these competitions, drama always occurs in the final weeks, which just goes to show you that it's never too late to enter. Just a month ago, Zivity was in the top spot. But in the last few weeks, MaMoCa usurped Zivity's lead. Moli was consistently in the top five, but captured the most votes by the final week.

"Our team at MOLI is thrilled about winning the AlwaysOn/ innovative company competition," said Judy Balint, Moli's president and COO. "All of the competitors have interesting and compelling offerings. We are honored to be with such a distinguished group of aspiring companies. Our team has worked hard to create MOLI, which is a new type of social media/social commerce destination." 

Moli, which received 25 ratings for an average rating of four stars, is a next-generation social networking site where members can manage multiple profiles in one account. Members can separate their social, business and family relationships and keep control over their privacy. Watch Balint in Bambi's recent interview with her at

MaMoCa received 14 ratings for an average rating of four and a half stars. The Santa Ana, Calif-based company says it helps movie, TV, and video game companies produce their products better, faster, and cheaper. The Vator community also rated Zivity six times, giving the female social network an average rating of four stars. Zivity is an online community where models and photographers can paid for the photos they share. For more on Zivity, watch Zivity founder Cyan Banister's interview with Bambi.

Mixmonsta received 31 ratings and 8510 views. Mixmonsta is a really cool site that mixes and mashes up content on a user's mobile phone.

Congratulations to Moli! The prize is a chance to present in front of hundreds of investors and industry professionals attending AlwaysOn's OnHollywood conference held at the Sofitel in Hollywood in mid-June.  

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