Googol CEO daily memo: those Viacom jerks

John Shinal · May 28, 2008 · Short URL:

 Greetings fellow Googolers,

Those of you who know how much I like coding and other cool engineering stuff can guess that I'd rather write today about our Developers Conference in San Francisco. Even though we're charging this year, Larry told me the sessions are packed with coders!

Still, I'd be remiss if I didn't give you an update about this RIDICULOUS Viacom suit agains YouTube.

Now, other than hanging out with Larry Lessig (it's fun sometimes when people say we look alike), I've not spent a lot of time with lawyers, at least, not copyright attorneys.

But we all should give a big tip of the hat today to Zahava Levine and all the other legal folks at YouTube for putting together a really powerful argument for our position.

Some people might say it's a little overkill to say Viacom threatens the way "hundreds of millions of people" communicate. But let's face it, this is a lawsuit, people, and the gloves need to come off.

If we were to lose this case, or be forced to (gulp) settle, what's to stop all the other networks and studios that have already agreed to split their revenue with us from suing? I mean, pretty soon all the owners of those dancing cats will be lined up outside the courtroom.

But have no fear, we're not going to give up this fight until they pry the last episode of The Daily Show from my cold...dead...fingers.

Yours in the algorithm,



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