Raman Khanna doesn't believe in firewalls

John Shinal · May 22, 2008 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/241

Onset Ventures partner Raman Khanna believes in open IT systems.

When he was the CTO for Stanford University, he never installed a firewall to protect its systems.

"I don't believe in this idea that all the good guys are on the inside and all the bad guys are on the outside," he says. 

While the enterprise software market is mature, it's still worth $500 billion annually, so Khanna hasn't given up on looking for investments there.

He thinks that as younger workers who embrace Facebook and other social networking platforms become decision-makers within corporations, they will initiate a massive upheaval in how enterprise systems are architected.

"We're looking for things that are fundamentally disruptive," he says. 

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