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Steve Rosenbaum · May 14, 2008 · Short URL:

 In the future - content will be king. Strike that! Content will become a commodity. I know that sounds really bad, but stay with me for a sec. It's happening already. There are hundreds of thousands of videos. Thousands of indie films. Zillions of recordings of unknown bands. Content is being made by professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, pro-sumers, citizen journalists, unpaid film students, self-proclaimed experts, and - don't forget -  really talented individuals. The point is, you can't tell what's what, and this is just the beginning. There are a thousand stories in the naked city. Oh, yeah, there's lots of amateur porn too. The question becomes, how do we find what we like, filter out the things that rub us the wrong way, and create experiences that are more fun than frustrating, more useful than useless?

We've seen this coming for a while. As TV went from three networks to 500, viewers still complained that there was nothing on. Of course that wasn't true, you just couldn't find what you might be interested in. Endless channel surfing resulted.
Then came Google. Searching suggests 'finding' and Google did that - for text. But video isn't about a search for a fact, it's about searching for something that is esthetically satisfying. My 'good' content probably isn't yours.
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Who's going to be your native guide and trusted source in finding content you want? Bloggers.

Bloggers are poised to be the content validators and filters of the future, and the tools are already in place.

Don't believe you'll be tuning in your blogger for a clue as to what's-what? Well, let's take a deep dive into the blogosphere to see what's just around the bend.

While a handful of 'big bloggers' are high volume content creators, publishers who write volumes each day, the large number of blogs that we trust are finders and filters.
Take a look at techmeme  a terrific blog that keeps us tune in to the best tech posts. Blogs embrace a voice - often a singular voice - that endorses, embraces, recommends,  and directs traffic for its readers. Bloggers point their readers to links.  Current those links are text, but not for long.

Bloggers are soon going to be pointing to video, shows and clips, performers and news stories. A blogger's sense of what matters will help you sort your world and find content you want.

Bloggers will be the next generation of TV network programmers. Blog RSS feeds will be a way to 'tune in to the web' and all of its multi-media content as it continues its unbridled growth.

Bloggers will add text, video blogs, comments, endorsements, and feedback that will both build their brand and re-enforce the content guideposts that we'll come to count on them for.

Yes, social networks will play in the future of content search. If your friends like a video, you may want to take a look. But your friends are just as likely to point you to a blogger whose feed is consistently on target as they would a single piece of content.

In the media world that we all know,  NBC was able to select and market Must Watch TV.  But in the era of multi-media bloggers,  bloggers are poised to take up the role of  "must watch" mavens.   As you find bloggers you trust,  they in tern need to both earn and keep that relationship alive by evolving their trust relation beyond text.

Certainly,  blogging is evolving.  Take a look at - almost every post has a video clip tied to the editorial.  The era of Multi-Media blogging is arriving - and its going to be big. 

>> Multi-Media Blogging.  You heard it hear first.  Jot it down.  Or,  better yet - try it. 

Stay tuned.

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