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Bambi Francisco Roizen · May 7, 2008 · Short URL:

After a successful run the first time Vator held a competition in partnership with Demand Media, the two companies plan to launch the second Demand Media/Vator Challenge in a couple months. Keep watching our competitions section for new contests. Caith Chapman, one of the senior mergers and acquisitions executives at Demand Media, was the point man on the first Demand Media and Vator competition - a contest seeking the top niche vertical social network or digital media company. In this video, Caith talks about his thoughts on the winner of that competition -- Mixmonsta, a company that lets people easily mash up videos across the Web with licensed music to create interesting and personalized content. The mashup functionalities are all located on a widget so a person does not have to be on the Mixmonsta site to use the tools. As part of the prize of the Demand Media/Vator challenge, Mixmonsta won the opportunity to meet with the Demand team, including Richard Rosenblatt, the cofounder and CEO of Demand. I flew down as well to sit in on the hour-long meeting. Mixmonsta founder Voit Damevski impressed Richard by easily finding Richard's son's dog-snoring video on the Mixmonsta widget.  Listen to what Caith had to say about the meeting.

Caith also talks about how Demand thinks about acquisitions, and what the team looks at when they consider acquiring or investing in a company.  


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