NameMedia - on the hunt for niche properties

Bambi Francisco Roizen · April 9, 2008 · Short URL:

 NameMedia is seeking to buy niche vertical properties to bring under its booming empire of content sites. It's not surprising. You gotta get big if you plan on going public - which NameMedia is. NameMedia, which generated $77-plus million in revenue and $32 million in cash flow in nine months, was one of the hottest companies to present at the AlwaysOn Venture Summit East conference in Boston. Here's Kelly Conlin, NameMedia's CEO, giving his presentation at the event.

NameMedia owns a portfolio of domain names. NameMedia has 850,000 domains. The idea is to build out the ones that get natural traffic, like "Thousands of sites get natural traffic through search terms," said Conlin. NameMedia is also building out a multiple listing service (MLS) for domains. Apparently, there are about 80 million domain names registered and growing, and about one third are not developed, he said, adding: "If domain is digital real estate, this would equivalent to the vacant land of the Internet." 
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