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Bambi Francisco Roizen · March 25, 2008 · Short URL:

As anyone who's followed the evolution of Vator knows, we've always been a platform primarily for and "by" entrepreneurs, meaning the bulk of the thousands of company profiles and videos created are in the voice of the entrepreneur.  

To that end, it's always been my vision to see the Vator newsroom filled with talent and voices from the entrepreneurs or from the many people who are experts in their field, or have access to certain stories and people. In response to those who've expressed interest in contributing to the newsroom, I'm happy to announce that we recently launched “contributor channels.” This feature was created so anyone interested in sharing their ideas and expertise - in text or video - can do so without having to go through the Vator gate-keeping editorial staff. Anyone can now have their own channel and be viewed by the very highly-targeted Vator audience.

I'm really excited to see that we already have half a dozen contributors creating their own talk shows on innovation or reporting on innovation. Reena Jadhav hosts a show for called IvyBrain. In this show she interviews experts in the field of marketing, banking, psychology to help entrepreneurs manage and build their startup.

Taylor Buley - a journalism student at Stanford and one of our first campus correspondents – reported from the Stanford University Entrepreneurship Week conference and shot some great footage of Bill Gate's presentation on innovation. As a campus correspondent, Buley reports on hot startup trends at Stanford. Theresa Johnson, another campus correspondent, interviewed Tina Seelig,  executive director of Stanford University's technology ventures program. Contributor David Howard, a marketing consultant, has also created his channel for in which he shares his marketing expertise.

If you want to see all the "contributors," just go to our "contributors" link in our newsroom. We're just getting started. And, we already have a few more contributors coming on board in April.

For now, to be a contributor, please register to and provide information about your area of expertise. If you have video segments you want to share, you can already do so in your profile. Then please contact me or John Shinal and let us know what your show/segment idea is.

We look forward to your stories and videos! 


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