Mohr Davidow's Bryan Stolle on how to recognize an Enterprise 2.0 bubble

John Shinal · February 7, 2008 · Short URL:

Finding ways to take the friction out of the enterprise sales model is something that an increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors are looking to do.

We first told you about it back in September.

More recently, we heard about the state of the "Enterprise 2.0" investing from Bryan Stolle, a partner with the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Mohr Davidow Ventures.

When he first started looking at the market for in early 2006, Stolle says there would be maybe five VCs trolling the conferences where Enterprise 2.0 startups gather.

Back then, it was a contrarian play, he says. Now, there's at least a dozen VCs trolling those same grounds, which means the investing climate "is neutral."

And given the way these cycles go,  "when that number goes to 50 or 60... with all the lemmings," a bubble will be nigh, he says.

"That's when it will be more difficult to make money, and the bar will be higher" for potential investments by his firm. 

As usual, the firms that will make the most money will be those that got in before the crowd. 

To see what MDV looks for in an investment, read this story.


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