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Since launching Vator in June 2007, I've had a challenging time writing on a consistent basis and running the company. I have to say, I admire those running companies and posting on a daily basis. Those blogger-CEO types who come to mind are Jason Calcanis, Mark Andreessen and Mark Cuban. So, I think it's time I began writing more, with a particular emphasis on articulating Vator's vision and how it fits with the social media trends I'm spotting across Vator. To start off with, let me say that I think many people are starting to "get" Vator, and understand that it's not only a place to create an elevator pitch, but as Reena Jadhav said, it's a place to "break news" in your own voice. There are a couple examples of this already. Recently, Kevin Bromber from NowLive broke news on his own site by posting a comment on his pitch. That comment automatically went to the front page of Vator's newsroom. Also, Snooth posted its $1 million round of financing. That post by Snooth went directly to our newsroom too! Synchronis also figured out that they could break news on Vator by posting a comment on their pitch about making history as the "first Web 2.0 production company to stream a scripted Web drama LIVE on the internet." Recently, Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore gave his pitch and broke the news that Mashable (one of my favorite blogs for social networking news) is going to branch out into video. Something else is happening across Vator too. You'll begin to see the rise of channels centered around innovation. We're already seeing this happen in our community. For instance, the video on this post is of two-time entrepreneur Demian Entrekin. He's created a new channel to teach SaaS (software as a service). I'm looking forward to more channels dedicated to innovation. If anyone is interested in creating a channel for us and would liked to be featured, just ping me or our newsroom. 

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Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder and CEO of Vator, a media and research firm for entrepreneurs and investors; Managing Director of Vator Health Fund; Co-Founder of Invent Health; Author and award-winning journalist.

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