Before there was a, or even an Internet browser, there was Buck's of Woodside

John Shinal · October 16, 2007 · Short URL:

Every deal-making culture needs its power breakfast eatery. In Manhattan, the important suits have long started their day at the Regency Hotel. In Hollywood, the beautiful people go to the Belvedere or the Beverly Hills Four Seasons. And for the venture capitalists and investment bankers of Silicon Valley, the morning spot is Buck's of Woodside.

Founded 17 years ago by Jamis MacNiven, Bucks is nestled up against the trees at the eastern base of the Coastal Range that separates the valley from the foggy Pacific. True to the laid back nature of Northern California, Bucks is informal. A polo shirt and slacks -- not a suit -- is the hometown uniform.

MacNiven describes it simply as "a family joint" where "kids and grandmas and dogs" feel at home.

But don't let that description or the kitschy decor (astronauts, model planes and a giant ketchup bottle hanging from the ceiling) fool you -- this is where VCs agree to write multi-million dollar checks to fund startups with a handshake. As MacNiven says in the video accompanying this post, "thousands of firms were born from pitches at Buck's," including when "Hotmail was founded at Table 15."

Since the mission of is to help startup entrepreneurs and other innovators find the people and resources they need to succeed, we consider ourselves to be an electronic (not to mention less storied) supplement to Buck's, dedicated to the same purpose that MacNiven now serves so effortlessly, along with "Flapjacks and tomfoolery," as his Web site says. 

For that reason, we plan to host a Vator Day at Buck's next Thursday, Oct. 25 from 7:00am-9:00am, to introduce ourselves to the power-breakfast crowd. But enough from us, watch the video and let Jamis tell you for himself why you might want to come.

We hope to see you there. 

Buck's of Woodside
3062 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA  94062

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