Lessons: Tony Perkins on entrepreneurship

Bambi Francisco Roizen · August 26, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3f

Tony Perkins, who founded the RedHerring magazine in 1993 and the Always On conference series in 2003, talks about why he decided to become an entpreneur. Tony then offers up his lessons on picking the right co-founders, on the dangers of business models without a clear strategy towards profitability, and on the importance of patience for building a successful business. Tony also addresses a failure he experienced in his career and the lessons he learned from running a company in times of a pending economic recession.  Finally, Tony talks about how Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch have inspired him as an entrepreneur. To see Tony's pitch for Always On's GoingGreen conference and to participate in the AO/Vator.tv GoingGreen clean tech competition click here.
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