Lessons Learned: Serious Materials' Kevin Surace on passion, focus

Bambi Francisco Roizen · August 23, 2007 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/3e

At Vator.tv, we value the lessons learned by the many entrepreneurs who are part of the Vator.tv community. In this video, Kevin Surace, founder and CEO of Serious Materials, offers up his lessons he's learned as an entrepreneur about five times over. His words are worth considering, since he appears to be doing something right. Serious Materials is one of the few companies addressing the $12 billion market for drywall. Now while that doesn't sound sexy, there is a significant opportunity to provide new forms of eco-friendly produts, such as drywall, to the manufacturing sector. Apparently, according to Surace, manufacturing accounts for 33% of the carbon emissions created. Serious Materials, which is a contestant in the Going Green/Vator contest, is generating upwards of $50 million in sales. In this video, Kevin shares his lessons as an entrepreneur, including the importance of having unyielding passion and the mindset to pursue "results." As he says, "everyone should be measured on some form of tangible results." I like this last point as I'm starting to realize as an entrepreneur and manager of my team at Vator.tv, that while it's fun to think of all sorts of ideas, in the end, ideas don't really matter unless they're executed on and produce some tangible results.

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